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Today, real estate professionals are looking for simple, transparent and instant solutions. PropTexx exists to meet those needs

PropTexx featured in Times Square New York

PropTexx featured in Times Square New York

PropTexx featured in Times Square New York

A dedicated founding team

PropTexx in summary

Established in 2020, PropTexx is driven by a singular mission: to empower real estate professionals with invaluable insights into their clients' perspectives on property listings.

Our journey began with PropTexx's humble inception, offering manual photo editing services exclusively to real estate professionals. Recognizing the industry's evolving demands, we swiftly adapted and expanded our operations through extensive in-house AI development.

At PropTexx, innovation is at the core of our ethos. We meticulously craft each of our solutions from the ground up, systematically eliminating layers of complexity. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver products and features that consistently astonish and delight users.

We aren't simply selling a service; we aspire to be your enduring, strategic AI partner for the long haul.


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Our Presence

PropTexx has a global presence, serving clients across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. While our primary offices are located in Toronto and San Francisco, we operate remotely for the majority of our operations. Our dedicated customer service and engineering teams are available around the clock, seven days a week.

Our Presence

The values that help build our business


Our company pioneers cutting-edge solutions in generative AI for real estate, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to revolutionize the industry

Team work

Collaboration is at the core of our success, as our diverse and talented team works cohesively to harness the power of AI to address real estate challenges and achieve our goals.


We uphold the highest standards of quality and performance, consistently delivering exceptional AI-driven products and services that set the benchmark in the real estate sector.


We take our commitment to ethical and sustainable AI practices seriously, ensuring that our innovations in real estate AI positively impact communities, the environment, and society at large.