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Add Furniture

Visualizing the potential of an empty room can be challenging. Empower your leads with our interactive AI, enabling them to effortlessly transform vacant spaces into personalized, inviting environments that suit their preferences.

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Change Furnishings

Embrace individuality in design. Provide your users with the power to customize and transform furnishings within a room, reflecting their unique style and preferences.

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Adjust Materials and Colors

Elevate your customers' viewing experience by offering the option to modernize any room. Allow them to effortlessly experiment with wall colors, flooring types, and ceiling styles for a truly customized transformation.

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Declutter & Remove Objects

Grant users the freedom to curate their spaces precisely to their liking. They can easily remove specific objects within the room or even start with a blank canvas for ultimate customization.

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Enhance the user experience with the ability to make subtle adjustments to brightness and contrast in photos, facilitating in-depth inspection and enhanced visualization of the space.

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Grass Repair

Don't let burnt grass be a concern. Empower your leads to rejuvenate their gardens with the simple addition of a fresh, vibrant layer of grass.

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