Virtual Build Tour

Starting from USD 360.00
Virtual Build Tours can be created from one or several items that are provided to us. This is a list of some items that we can use to build from:
- Skp (Sketch-up file)
- dwg. ( CAD, AutoCAD)
- 3dsmax (3D Autodek)
- Collada (DAE)
- Revit
- Rhino
- Floor plans
- Blueprints
Given this, it is required to give us direction by providing these other items:
Elevation Plans / Outside views
Conceptual designs
Furniture and interior design styles (images or weblinks)
Surrounding area ( Google 360 / Satellite)
Factors that affect the costs are
• The files provided: If we get a skp file or 3dsmax file - then the price is greatly reduced. If we have to create the 3D model from floor plans of blueprints, it is an added cost as it requires a complete 3D model build
• Video Length: Shorter vs. longer -- eg 30 second or 1 minute
• Size: Small properties vs. Larger will obviously have an effect on the price.
• Inside Area Furnished -- Given design requirements, we base the price on set-up and the ease or difficulty of the build.
• Outside Area & Surrounding Environment: Easy is a yard, trees, and basic — More complex is a neighborhood, or style view that matches a wider match to the real location - Many properties we do are on a lake, or in a mountain setting, or in a part of Paris... We can attempt to create as closely as possible.
• N.B. Amount of revisions and design changes.. If you want to test and try different things, we charge for revision..
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THE PROCESS: Floor and Elevation Plans are the minimum requirement for us to start a 3D model build. These can be in .DWG or .PDF formats
We can create Virtual Tours from provided 3D Models of the property in particular 3D models in these type of file format .SKP (Sketchup), .FBX, .DAE (Collada),.3DS (3DS Max)
Include style reference images and web links of Furniture styles, interior design setups, and types of fixtures & finishes.
Using all the materials provided, the 3D model is built or optimized by highly skilled 3D Model Techs, and draft renders are sent to relevant parties for validation & approval.
The complete 3D model build with furnishings, fittings, fixtures and finishes is then placed into one of several software set-ups where realistic lighting and high resolution texturing is applied.
The model can be placed in realistic environments with it's near to real life surroundings. From here Tours can be set-up, 4K Pictures rendered, & or Cinematic Style Videos produced!

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