Virtual Build Photos

Starting from USD 70.00
Similar in scope to the Virtual Build Video product.
Exterior Photorealistic Renders Visualize the best angle of the Exterior of the property to experience it's design, location & setting!
Interior Photorealistic Renders View the key Rooms & Interior furnishing, fixtures & features to view spacing, styling & layout!
Boost 2D photorealisitc renders and upgrade them to a 360 Virtual Tour! By rendering 360 panoramic images from the 3D model we can elevate the experience into a fully immersive virtual tour.
This is available for all external, internal, residential & commercial projects.
Factors that affect the costs are:
• The files provided: If we get a skp file or 3dsmax file - then the price is greatly reduced. If we have to create the 3D model from floor plans of blueprints, it is an added cost as it requires a complete 3D model build
• Video Length: Shorter vs. longer -- eg 30 second or 1 minute
• Size: Small properties vs. Larger will obviously have an effect on the price.
• Inside Area Furnished -- Given design requirements, we base the price on set-up and the ease or difficulty of the build.
• Outside Area & Surrounding Environment: Easy is a yard, trees, and basic — More complex is a neighborhood, or style view that matches a wider match to the real location - Many properties we do are on a lake, or in a mountain setting, or in a part of Paris... We can attempt to create as closely as possible.
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Provide us with concept drawings, blueprints or models, choosing preferred styling and design requirements
Provided materials allow us to build new 3D model or modify an existing 3D model (eg. model is already build in program like Sketchup or 3Dsmax).
Images and web links guide the exterior & interior design styles (furniture, surround areas, textures, materials).
Build the full model, which may be just of a specific room in a house (eg living/dining area) or the whole exterior structure.
Decide camera angles for the exterior & or interior. Implement & draft render lighting, texturing & “mood”. Here requests can be made for any alterations or revisions to the styling, colors and textures.
Photorealistic renders are an ideal way to market an unbuilt property off the plan and bring an architectural vision to life. It is affordable & suitable for all types in the real estate industry.

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I've been searching for a service like this for years. Until now, I've not been able to find the perfect fit. Then came along PropTexx. From the customization capabilities to the page load speed, to the stats, to the bonus feature, it is just awesome!

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Virtual Build Photos

Exterior Photorealistic Renders to visualize the best angles of the property to get a feel for it's design, location & setting. Interior Photorealistic Renders of the key rooms, furnishing, fixtures & features to view spacing, styling & layout!

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