Listing Intelligence

Transform unstructured data into actionable insights and analyze existing structured data to further improve business intelligence initiatives.
Micro meets Macro with PropTexx Data Solutions.


Listing Analytics

Listing Marketability Score & Quality Comparison Analysis (Local or Macro)

Image & Property Listing Searchability Score
SEO Listing Hit Rate

Consumer Facing & Behaviour Analytics

Image Trend Analysis (Local or Macro)
Keyword Search Return Optimization
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Image Similarity Search Return (ML Driven)
Image Led Search Functionality

Real time consumer preference identification & mapping 

Databases & Feeds

Image Library Construction & Analysis
Duplicate Listings Analysis
Listing Similarity Analysis
Image Tampering (manipulation) Detection and Flagging

Enterprise Level Analytics – custom built dashboards with configurable metrics

Data Protection

Listing & Image Tracability and Tracking
Real-time API Testing & Reporting

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