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Common Questions

PropTexx AI is a service built on a range of AI algorithms. Our technology is specifically built to help solve modern-day pain points in the real estate industry. Improving listing quality through compliance check, engaging property descriptions, imagery enhancements, auto-populating listing fields, is only 1 click away with PropTexx. 

Since 2020, PropTexx has been developing in-house AI technology. Our AI Algorithms use a range of techniques to segment, identify and structure real estate imagery, helping agents to have a better listing in few minutes rather than bad ones in hours. 

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Integrating PropTexx API into your CRM, MLS or Portal could not be easier. Its well-designed API provides you with access to secure and reliable services. You can easily configure API keys in order to gain access to the API endpoints and use them within your software. In addition, PropTexx's impressive documentation enables users of all levels of technical understanding to use, troubleshoot and expand upon their API integration.

Proptexx computer Vision AI can be set up and plugged directly into any property portal, giving the admin a seamless overview of associated listings and flag those that have identical, or similar imagery. 

Any real estate professional looking to improve their property listings, as an individual, agency, regional office, MLS or software solution. Most notable; PropTexx works with a number of enterprise-level brokerages across the globe.

We also have a number of partnerships with leading:

- Property Portals

- Industry service providers

- Photographers

- Customer relationship management systems (CRMs)

- Multi-listing sites

In the context of using an API integration, unfortunately, a free trial is not an option. But fear not - you can always request a demo and get fast feedback on your integration and its quality. A demo version of the integration is available at no charge, allowing you to gain firsthand insight into how it works and even determine if it fits your particular needs. This way, you don't have to settle for taking someone's word for how well the integration will work - you can investigate it yourself before investing further resources in the technology.

Yes we do! We operate and support a global customer base. We currently have offices in the New York, Toronto (Canada), Singapore and Thailand

- More locations coming soon! 

There is a chance you have access to PropTexx solutions from your current CRM provider or 3rd party software provider.  Most services we offer are less than a dollar.  Send us your request and we will come back to you as soon as possible.